The Story

  • We encrypt your note using an AES-256-CBC cipher
  • We "Encrypt-then-MAC"
  • We delete it from our database once its been read
  • You can verify this yourself because Burner Note is open source

Burner note came into existing after years of using other products that claim to do something similar. However their pages are laden with ads, have a poor UI, and you can't know for sure if they really are actually encrypting / deleting anything.

As a developer I wanted to build something better; something more useable and technically transparent, and that's what Burner Note is.

The good stuff... Burner Note is open source. Go and check out the code. If you can't be bothered doing that then I can tell you that from browser to server we are relying on good old SSL. On the back end we utilise Laravel's out of the box encryption protocols which are recognised as being both excellent and are also open source.

On clicking the link and opening your note, it is deleted instantly and completely from our database. Gone forever.

Pretty simple really.